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4 Ways To Include Gay Pride In Your Wedding Day

Gay Weddings in Charleston, SC

Rainbow has been the symbol of pride for the LGBTQ community. Not only has it represented gay pride, but the individuality of each person no matter what gender they embrace. On your special day, let pride shine through the event by having a rainbow-themed wedding.

Sure it’s not easy to pull off. But thanks to experts like Stephen Palmer Weddings, we can turn your vision into reality.  We work closely with you to ensure that we can give you the romantic, memorable, and meaningful ceremony that you have always dreamed of. From simple last-minute elopements to extravagant weddings, we sure can do it.

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Ways To Include Gay Pride In Your Wedding Day

To help you create a special flair for your rainbow-themed wedding, here are some colorful ideas from Stephen Palmer Weddings.

  1. Poppy-colored flowers
    Instead of the usual flowers such as roses, go for a gorgeous bouquet with various colors. Use poppy-colored flowers to create more volume and life.
  1. Bridesmaid in colors
    Apart from the bouquet, it is also nice to see everyone in different colors. Allow your bridesmaid to enjoy their style and colors with their dresses. It will allow them to showcase their personality and look fantastic in pictures.
  1. Rainbow decors and centerpieces
    Say no to solid color decors and centerpieces. Instead, bring in some whimsy by using rainbow decors. Having some colorful banners can also surely brighten up any wedding ceremony. So add that to your list, too!
  1. Mouth-watering rainbow cake
    A wedding cake can never be absent in any celebration. You can add a little surprise by showing only a simple plain cake on the outside. But what’s inside should be fun and may even surprise guests.
People Also Ask
  • Where is gay marriage legal in the US?
    The following states have legalized gay marriage:

    • Washington
    • Maine
    • Maryland
    • Rhode Island
    • Delaware
    • Minnesota
    • New Jersey
    • Hawaii
    • Illinois
    • New Mexico
  • Do gay couples typically have a ‘Bride & Groom’ or is it ‘Bride and Bride’ or ‘Groom and Groom’?
    Most same-sex couples identify as “two brides” or “two grooms,” but this is not always the case. To be safe, just ask them how they wish to be addressed or what their role is in the wedding ceremony.
  • What do you get a gay couple for a wedding?
    Some wedding gift ideas for same-sex couples can be silverware, luggage tags, pillowcases, a luxe robe set, or vow books, to name a few. Getting the items personalized makes them more special.
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