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5 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Day Covid-Safe

5 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Day Covid-Safe
(or How To Plan A Wedding In The Time Of Covid)

Planning a wedding is innately stressful. But it’s the kind of stress most of us would not mind because it is still one of the most memorable days for a person. Yet, wedding planning with the Covid-19 pandemic is incredibly harder. But instead of wallowing with all these hurdles for your dream wedding, let’s try to make the best of plan B: Mission how to plan your most memorable day in the time of Covid-19!

With a bit of creativity and a can-do attitude, you can push through that dream wedding with your partner. Here are some ways to rework your wedding plans and celebration to still say “I do” during a pandemic.

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1. Go For Small, Intimate Wedding

Don’t let Covid-19 cancel your wedding plans, but safety must come first. So keep your wedding day celebration small. The most ideal is less than 50 people, but it will still depend on your preference. Make a list of the most important people for both you and your partner. Also, don’t forget to choose a cozy space and provide the most intimate atmosphere for everyone.

2. Wear Custom-Made Masks

One best way to protect yourself, your future life partner, and your family are to wear your mask. But make it fashionable. Match your wedding mask with your wedding outfits. Go for custom-made masks to still look in style without compromising everyone’s safety.

3. Socially-Distanced Seating Arrangements

It is helpful to lay out the guidelines and precautions during your wedding day. One way to keep your guests within a safe zone is by assigning them their spots. Set up a strategic seating arrangement to help your guests maintain their social distance. This way, they still get to witness your wedding day without breaking health protocols.

4. Exchange Air Five Instead of Hugs and Kisses

Since it is highly advisable to limit physical contact, exchange air five with your guests instead of hugs and kisses. Yes, air five is now the safest way to greet someone but still fun.

5. Put Up Some Friendly Reminders

For a more stylish-yet-friendly way to remind guests of their responsibilities and other health precautions, putting up signage on the venue would be a nice initiative. Tell them to spread some love instead of the virus. Remind them to wear a mask, wash their hands, and to limit physical contact as much as possible.

The pandemic is not a white flag for your wedding. It might seem impossible, but with little adjustments, you can still push through with your dream wedding without forgetting to leave fun and excitement.

People Also Ask
  • How early should you start planning a wedding?
    Three weeks after your engagement may be the ideal time to start planning your wedding as this allows you to enjoy your engagement for a couple of weeks, but not too long that you lose the excitement and momentum.
  • Can I plan a wedding in 2 months?
    Yes, planning a wedding in two months, even less, is possible. Just be sure to make a realistic plan and stick to it. Hiring professional suppliers would be a huge help, too.
  • How do you pick a wedding date?
    There are so many factors that can determine your wedding date. First, of course, are sentimental dates such as your engagement date, the date you first met, or your parent’s wedding date. You might also want to consider the availability of your family, the venue you want, or your suppliers.
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