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How To Achieve Your Dream Minimalist Wedding

If you’re a fan of Netflix sensation Marie Kondo, then the concept of minimalism is not new to you. Even at weddings, minimalism is also becoming popular.

Most couples nowadays are ditching the clutter and too many details on their wedding day, but only leaves what sparks joy. Minimalism is for those who love simplicity. You can achieve this for your Charleston, SC Wedding, too!

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How To Have A Minimalist Wedding

If you’re planning a minimalistic wedding, then here are some ways to adopt the “less is more” concept.

  1. Make It Exclusive
    Keep your guests’ list short. Fewer guests will not only lower your expenses but will give you more quality time with the invited. With the Covid pandemic, keeping your party to a minimum is also a must.

    Trimming your guest list to family and closest friends will also make it more intimate.
  1. Limit The Props
    Indeed, less is more. Thus, minimizing wedding props and décor will allow the bride and the groom to stand out. It is also best to highlight the beauty of what is there, especially for outdoor weddings. Instead of adding too many unnecessary details, highlight the natural beauty of your venue.
  1. Go for a Minimalist Dress
    Yes, even the dress can be minimalist, too! Say goodbye to gowns with too many adornments and opt for a simple one. Being simple and minimalist does not mean a plain white wedding gown. It can be a simple dress in other colors too. Explore lilac, ivory, or rose.

    To avoid the visual clutter, look for dresses or suits with clean lines and structured silhouettes. Adding at least one adornment will not ruin its clean look, too. A lace bodice with a chiffon skirt is not a bad option after all for brides.
  1. Hues Matter
    To achieve a minimalist look, colors matter, too. Use neutral colors such as cream, sand, taupe, and rose. Neutral colors don’t mean boring, though. Especially for invitations, using neutral colors ensures that focus is on the parts where you want people to be drawn. It is also best to contrast your neutrals with naturals.
  1. Go Naked
    Nope. Not you. But go naked with your wedding cake. To achieve it, forego ornate decorations with your cake. A white cake sans the icing with the bride and groom’s initials would give that classic look.
  1. Not Too Many Flowers
    Most ladies love flowers, more so on their wedding day. Instead of having too many different kinds of flowers in one bouquet, consider a small bouquet of lavender or any of your favorite.

Whether you want it grand or intimate with a handful of people around, the choice is yours no matter what type of wedding you want.

People Also Ask
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    Yes, officiants can legally marry you. These include any of the following:

    • Justice of the peace
    • Court clerk
    • Judge (active or retired)
    • Priest
    • Minister
    • Rabbi
    • Your friend or family member (depending on the state)
  • Can an officiant marry in any state?
    An officiant may or may not be able to legally marry in any US state. You have to check with your state laws. There are certain states and counties that require the officiant to have a license, while some states allow for people to apply for authority to perform marriage ceremonies for a day, like in California.
  • Do you tip the officiant?
    You may consider giving them a tip; however, some officiants will not accept it. Instead, they will ask you to donate it to their church. The tip is usually around $100.

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